Sarah Hall and I met a couple of months after I bought my first horse. She helped me hugely when everything was new and challenging...
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I met Sarah Hall in October 2010. I had almost given up and was beginning to accept the fact that my horse, Rosie was untrainable...
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I first came across Sarah at SLH Dressage when she was assisting Horsemove transportation company who were moving my...
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Following the purchase of my first horse, I have faced some serious and unexpected training issues. My perfect, calm horse became anxious and challenging and I realised how ill equipped I was to deal with his greenness. Fortunately, Sarah made time to help me get back to basics and I am rebuilding my confidence and my horse’s respect and trust. We have gone back to groundwork, working on establishing obedience and consistency. I’ve learnt so much in such a short space of time. Sarah is passing on her knowledge, confidence and skills in a professional and sensitive manner, allowing me to find my way but with the support of her expertise. I am looking forward to continuing our coaching, building the same skills in the saddle, learning how to apply the aids correctly and consistently to give my horse the best chance of succeeding. I was on the verge of selling him but am now looking forward to us learning and progressing together and can see what a lovely boy he is. Thank you Sarah.

Lesley Wilson

Sarah Hall and I met a couple of months after I bought my first horse. She helped me hugely when everything was new and challenging, both by being a confidence-giving instructor and by schooling my horse so that I could get more out of him. Sarah's a very talented rider but, more importantly, she genuinely cares about the horses in her charge. I always trusted her 100% with mine. It was a sad day for both of us when she left our yard. My horse loved her, and so did I.

Sarah Binham

I met Sarah Hall in October 2010. I had almost given up and was beginning to accept the fact that my horse, Doyle was untrainable.
Since Sarah started to help, I haven't looked back. In October, she was strong, feisty and frightened me - I couldn't ride and enjoy her. Now she is confident, light and easy to ride and competes too!!
I can't praise and thank Sarah enough for her skills and knowledge and in her ability to train horses using an understanding, kind approach.
Now, I love my medium level dressage horse which could easily have been cast off as unrideable.


From the moment I spoke to Sarah Hall on the phone to the first time she arrived at my yard I was so impressed by how professional she was. She is the most fantastic trainer, very knowledgeable, a hugely talented rider and always makes time to explain. She has taught me so very much and I am so excited to see just how far we can go as a team with my young dressage horse. I would highly recommend Sarah.

Sarah Williams

I have been having lessons with Sarah for a year now with my young horse, and she has given me the guidance and encouragement that I needed to help us progress to our first dressage competition recently, which a year ago seemed an impossibility! Riding is a hobby for me now, so I wanted an instructor I would enjoy having lessons with as well as learn from, and Sarah provides both - in fact, she is the only person I have ever had regular lessons with since I first trained in a dressage yard 26 years ago. Sarah's knowledge and experience are vast, and she is happy to teach from the ground or jump on board herself. She is always very careful to explain things clearly, and most importantly, doesn't shout at me!

Jane Randall

I bought a WOW saddle for my 3 year-old so that I could be guaranteed that the saddle would fit my horse throughout his entire ridden life without the need to purchase another.

I approached Sarah who assisted me with my purchase from my initial enquiry. She explained the WOW saddle to me in detail & discussed the many options with me. She then came to my yard and spent considerable time measuring, drawing & photographing to ensure that when ordered the saddle would be exactly as required. She also brought a demonstration saddle for me to try to ensure that both myself and my horse were happy before I committed to the order.
When the new saddle arrived, Sarah returned to my yard to put the saddle together, and fit it to both myself and my horse and a couple of months after the initial fitting she returned again to check the fit was still correct. During these visits she took further measurements and photographs so that she maintained an accurate record of all changes to my horses shape and she was also changed the headplate for me on site (young horses change shape so rapidly!).
Throughout the complete process, from original enquiry through to the complimentary follow-up visit, I found Sarah to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful & professional in all areas. She is always happy to spend extra time to ensure that both myself and my horse are happy.

Karen Allsopp